Cargo Insurance

Get peace of mind all the way

At LEMAN, we always do our utmost to protect your cargo, but when it is transported from A to B, in rare cases, damage can occur, or it can be lost. Transport is often carried out over long distances with varying geographical conditions, and the cargo is handled several times along the way. Many external factors come into play after the cargo has been picked up, and loss or damage to goods can therefore never be completely ruled out.

Why do I need cargo insurance?

The applicable laws and regulations are structured in such a way that you as a product owner are only entitled to a relatively symbolic compensation if your goods disappear or are damaged during transport. And in some cases, the carrier is completely free from responsibility.

Typically, your compensation is calculated based on the weight of the goods (in case of trucking or air shipment) or the number of pieces declared on the Bill of Lading (in case of ocean freight). However, weight is not necessarily equal to value, and it can therefore have a great economic impact on your business if your cargo gets damaged or lost.

With cargo insurance, you are guaranteed full coverage of the invoice value and fast and efficient case processing in the event of transport damage or loss. Therefore, it is always our recommendation that you insure your goods.

When is cargo insurance worth the money?

It is always our recommendation that you take out cargo insurance, as unintended events can quickly become a costly affair. Likewise, the value and weight of the goods also play a significant role. As an example, a computer chip represents a high value, but it is light as a feather, and therefore your financial compensation in case of damage or loss will in no way be commensurate with the real value of the item.

What does cargo insurance cost?

You pay a percentage of the total sum insured. “Insured Value” is the value of the goods plus shipping cost and 10% markup for additional expenses.


Protect your goods with a cargo insurance

At LEMAN, you can obtain cargo insurance to give you peace of mind. You can choose that we insure all your shipments throughout the whole year, or you can choose to insure individual shipments. This way, the value of your cargo is secured against most risks, and you get a fast and convenient claims handling process, should an accident occur, and no need to make a claim against the carrier.

With a cargo insurance you get:

One point of contact

A personal contact person, who is responsible for your claims handling and always ready to help you

Zero worries

Your goods are fully insured, and in the event of damage or loss, you are entitled to full coverage of the invoice value.

Fast claims handling

Your insurance case is handled as quickly as possible, and thus you avoid lengthy processes

Attractive prices and good coverage

We work with one of the world's largest global insurance companies and can therefore offer the market's best cargo insurance at favorable prices

Full transparency

You pay one fixed premium - there are no deductibles, hidden fees, or other unpleasant surprises

Get peace of mind all the way

Did you know that it is you as the cargo owner who bears the greatest risk? Therefore, we always recommend cargo insurance.
Have your goods been damaged or lost? Below you can read more about what you need to do. You can of course also contact us for help.
LEMAN is only an accessory insurance intermediary of the cargo insurance product, which is taken out through Codan Forsikring.

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