Market-leading transport solutions

Between China-Europe-USA

22. November

Did you know that LEMAN is one of the most well-established Scandinavian freight forwarding companies in China and USA – two of the most vital overseas markets in terms of global transport and logistics?

Our constantly evolving SEA & AIR division, which is fully comparable to our ROAD division, includes 7 LEMAN offices in China and 6 LEMAN offices in the USA. The latest addition to the global footprint is the opening of LEMAN Taipei.
Through the covid pandemic and the enormous logistical challenges it has created, LEMAN has assisted our customers with flexible and creative transport solutions to secure their supply channels.
The worst global logistical knots are gradually being untied at the moment, but supply chains remain fragile and challenged by a continued high degree of uncertainty and unreliability.

At LEMAN, we try to be at the forefront, for example by offering the following differentiated transport solutions from the world's supply center China.

1. Normal SEA freight

When price is most important, and you can live with a slightly longer transit time.

2. NEW - SEA freight EXPRESS!

Fastest transit time in the market at a higher but still good price. Transit time of only 27 days from South China and only 30 days from Shanghai.

3. AIR freight

When it is urgent, transit time is essential, or the value of the goods can carry the additional transport cost. 

There are good synergies associated with expanding your LEMAN collaboration to also include SEA & AIR transport.
For example, you will achieve better utilization and functionality in the online platform yourLEMAN.

Get in touch with your normal contact person at LEMAN if you want to hear more about the options.