UK Border Force striking

Strike to affect travellers and goods entering the UK

15. February

Dear customer and business partner,

Please be advised that the UK Border Force plan to go on strike on the:

  • 17th
  • 18th
  • 19th
  • 20th February.

The Public and Commercial Services union have announced that Border Force staff at the ports of Dover, Calais, Coquelles and Dunkirk will be striking on 17, 18,19 and 20 February.

We expect potential disruption and longer queues at ports that will effect all freight arriving into the UK.

In response, the government has announced, that military personnel, civil servants, and volunteers from across all government departments are being trained to support Border Force at airports and ports across the UK in the event of potential strike action.

If you have any questions regarding your shipments, please contact your local LEMAN specialist. We are ready to help you.