28. August

LEMAN’s Pharma division is facing an increased demand for capacity from existing and new life science customers and we have therefore added 10 brand new trailers to our Pharma fleet.

The new trailers are all equipped with double compartment system, enabling us to operate two temperature zones, i.e. +2 to +8 C  and +15 to +25 C.  The trailers are equipped with double stock system as well.

All trailers are monitored 24/7 via our temperature monitoring system and our pharma team can control and operate the units from the office via the 2-way communication system.

In addition to this, our drivers now have the opportunity to monitor temperatures by connecting to the trailer via Bluetooth from their mobile devices. All our new units are equipped with a remote status display on the trailer, enabling the driver to see reefer status and current operating temperature in his side mirror, while driving.

Safety and security are a natural part of LEMAN Pharma logistics and the new units are therefore equipped with a safety locking system and door sensors, registering whenever doors are activated. Roof numbering makes the trailers traceable from the sky in case of theft. 

Implementation of the latest available technical devices is key for LEMAN, to make sure that our customers quality products are kept safe and in an optimal environment at all times. 

For more information, please contact:

Gert Christiansen
Vice President