Did you know that in yourLEMAN, you can read your CO₂ emissions on each of your shipment, free of charge?

LEMAN’s customer portal - yourLEMAN

7. November

yourLEMAN is LEMAN's online portal serving all our customers across the globe. Not only does yourLEMAN allow creating bookings, but it also provides detailed insights into bookings and tracking options. Regardless of your bookings being created in yourLEMAN or you send them through an EDI connection - then your bookings will be available on our online platform. Here are some of the benefits of using yourLEMAN:

  • Customizable booking overview.
  • Real-time tracking events.
  • Vessel name and container tracking for ocean freight bookings.
  • AWB tracking for air freight bookings.
  • POD download.
  • Access to the system 24/7.
  • Web/browser based. Runs in all new major browsers.
  • Waybill/label printing.
  • Email notifications.

If you want to learn more about our portal and how we can customize it to your needs, click here.

Free of charge CO₂ emissions data

As a responsible company that strives to reduce the climate impact of our operations, we measure our own carbon footprint and support our customers’ environmental ambitions by allowing our customers to see CO₂ emissions per shipment free of charge. The data is provided by EcoTransIT – one of the leading emission reporting systems, compliant with GHG protocol, GLEC Framework and EN16258. You can select the bookings you would like to export in yourLEMAN and export them as part of the consignment report to an Excel file. We hope that this feature will be beneficial for your own CO₂ emmision statistics for your company.

If you want to know more about yourLEMAN and how we can ease your booking procedures, feel free to contact your local LEMAN specialist or via one of the options below: