Snow in the Alps and Danish rail restrictions

Capacity issues heavily affect the transport between Italy and Northern Europe

20. January

Heavy snowfall in Northern Italy, Austria, and Switzerland this weekend has led to rail transport delays and cancellations. The weather situation also affects the road transport in the area.

Furthermore, a total ban on the use of pocket wagons (used to carry semi-trailers by rail) on the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark and an injunction on the general use in the country have been temporarily introduced.

Unfortunately, these events combined heavily affect our capacity and considerable delays must be expected.

We are monitoring the situation and doing everything we can to handle all shipments between Northern and Southern Europe as quickly and seamlessly as possible and will do what we can to make sure that the situation will not affect your supply chain.   

If you have any questions about your shipments or the situation in general, you are very welcome to contact your personal LEMAN specialist who is ready to help you.