UPDATE - HANJIN filing for court receivership




LEMAN is now monitoring all affected containers and shipments, and we are continuously receiving new information about various ports and locations.  Please contact your local LEMAN office for information specific to your shipment.


To avoid further delays and possible demurrage, LEMAN is striving to pick up all containers as they return to port.  This will entail additional costs, including release fees, deposit to secure the return of containers, and fees associated with the return transport of empty containers.  Please be aware of these potential additional costs.


The inconvenience and disruption this extraordinary situation brings is unfortunate.  We are doing our best to address these challenges and appreciate your understanding. 



LEMAN strives to deliver all shipments as soon as possible with minimum additional costs.


Currently, we have knowledge of the following direct consequences of the situation:

  • Cargo that has not yet reached destination port stops at nearest transhipment port
  • Containers/load with both HANJIN and the CKYHE alliance are affected by the situation
  • HANJIN leaves responsibility for transportation from transhipment port to the end-receiver
  • Costs for delivery by feeder, pick up, delivery, road transport etc. is not covered
  • A cash release fee on the affected containers and shipments must be paid in most ports/harbours
  • To guarantee the return of the empty container, LEMAN must provide deposit to the ports/harbours
  • The additional costs of delivery depend on the place of delivery


Today it has been announced that the South Korean shipping company HANJIN is filing for court receivership. Despite the company's persistent attempts to negotiate new agreements with their creditors, the parties are so far apart that it is now resulting in a suspension of payments.


HANJIN shipping company is the 7th largest in the world and works in alliance with four other shipping companies (the CKYHE alliance). For the time ahead, the suspension of payments will have a great impact on sailing schedules, shipping and transit times.

We expect significant challenges in getting freight loaded with the other shipping companies, increases in freight prices, both on short and long term, as well as increased transit times.

Please contact your local LEMAN office if any questions should arise. We will keep you informed of the latest developments on our website at www.leman.com.




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