Efficient warehousing creates efficient business practices.

Warehousing at LEMAN USA, Inc.

  • Heated, modern warehousing facilities
  • Guaranteed clean, safe and efficient handling of your products.
  • Equipped with up-to-date equipment, pallet racks, shelves, forklifts and stackers.
  • US Bonded Container Freight Station (C.F.S.) and Customs Centralized Examination Station (C.E.S.).
  • Cost calculations per unit, pallet, sales value or according to your particular needs.
  • Facilities for crating, packaging, labeling and palletizing.
  • Modern packing stations for handling postal or courier services, which allows us to provide you with detailed shipping reports and specifications of all charges or package I.D. numbers.
  • Picking and Packing via modem order processing and inventory control systems.
  • All necessary shipping documents for domestic and international transportation.


Sturevant Wareh 2 Box



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