Environmental policy

Our overriding goal is to actively contribute to reducing the adverse environmental impact of transport. At LEMAN, we have therefore adopted the following environmental policy in which we pledge to:

  • Make demands for cleaner technology for means of transport and choosing the best means of transport


  • Ensure good utilisation of resources throgh better unloading and optimum route planning (fewest driven km)


  • Utilise information technology to increase efficiency in the transport flow 


  • Collaborate actively with authorities on environmental issues


  • Enter into environmental collaborations with key transport customers and foreign partners on the basis of specific transports and routines 


  • Communicate openly with employees and society in general about the environmental impact associated with our work 


  • Motivate employees to comply with both internal and external guidelines and regulations for protecting the environment arround us


  • Encourage suppliers to ensure that their products and services are environmentally acceptable



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